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I'm John Gonzalez, a UX Designer that helps bridge the gap between the users and the world of information. I like to think UX design as a way to help people connect, stay connected, and connect with the information around them. Good UX can help users digest information that allows them to make important decisions. I want to facilitate that.

I've been a career nomad since I went to university. I explored pre-medicine in university, business management after graduation and dabbled in digital marketing. Having lost my career sense of direction, Covid-19 hit and made me introspective. What did I enjoy doing? What do I see myself doing for the rest of my life? That's when the metaphorical UX design door opened. I fell in love instantly. UX design was exactly where I could express myself in creatively, help people, and make decisions that can affect how people interact with the world around them.

"You've got to find what you love" -Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement 2005



Favorite Book

The Alchemist

Favorite Music Genre

Korean RNB

Favorite Drink

Dalgona (Whipped Coffee)


Andrew Yang

Favorite Movie

The Martian

Favorite Video Game


Next Travel Destination

Seoul, South Korea

Throughout university, I loved dancing. Having been part of the Filipino Association at my university, an Asian fraternity Pi Alpha Phi and later the all male Korean dance cover group, I performed many times on stage in front of hundreds and even thousands of people. I even choreographed for each group. I enjoy anything that allows me to express myself through music, whether it be through dancing to or playing music.