John Gonzalez

UX Designer

I believe the only way to succeed is to constantly re-invent yourself.
There's always room to improve and life is too short to not learn something new



A language learning app that provides multiple ways to learn a language. The app also allows you to scan objects and provides the word in targeted language. Example sentences are given based on word and add words to diction library for users to refer to later.
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Cold Cut Studio Website

Cold Cut Studio is a studio offering Art/Creative Direction, Photo, Video, Styling and Studio Rental. The team consists of three down to earth, no-nonsense artists who don’t focus on trends or gimmicks. Wholesome, thoughtful, and reliable just like Mama’s bag lunch.
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My Daily Nosh

A grocery app that uses machine learning to suggest recipe and a shopping list based on the user's needs. Using personalized recipes, shopping lists, and seamless order integration.
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